Elad Levy

Elad Levy

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First Name * Elad
Last Name * Levy
Username * elads
Country * Canada
City Toronto


Availability: Full time
Website www.elad-art.com/


  • Humer College Certificate
  • IAC Diploma


Since I was a child I love the creative world. The first time I thought about becoming an artist was seeing

The Lion King, it had a huge impact on me. Later I was amazed by 3D art thanks to Toy Story and I decided to

learn by myself about this industry.

I consider myself as a 3D generalist (I am just love to do everything), but with strong Lighting and

Lookdev skills.

Having worked in both full time & freelance positions, I have gained the invaluable experience of the full working


I’m a strongly motivated person, driven by passion, able to respect deadlines and work across multiple shots.

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